Throwing The Soap

DSC_0568(This post isn’t really about soap.)

My oldest daughter is almost five, and it’s amazing to watch her learn about the world. She learns quickly and very well. She tries new things, remembers songs we haven’t sung in months, and loves to giggle and have fun.

It’s also amazing to watch how ineffective she is sometimes.

Just today, I heard the water running in the sink. Then I heard her squeal twice. Then I heard a thunk and saw the soap bottle lying on the floor in the hallway.

It had jammed. She got frustrated and threw it.

After she calmed down, we talked about the soap situation.

  1. What was the problem?
  2. Did throwing the soap help fix the problem?
  3. What were three different things she could have done to fix the problem?
  4. Next time, which will she try first?

I have to admit, I don’t approach everything this way. Sometimes I throw the soap. But seeing her do that gives me a clearer perspective. It helps me see when I’m being stubborn or cranky instead of searching for change and growth. Showing her some more constructive strategies helps me choose to be more constructive, too.

Maybe it will help you, too?

So, let’s bring this back to language learning, and over to you:

  • What are your language learning challenges?
  • What do you do when you’re stuck? Do you ever throw the soap?
  • What are a few different strategies you could try in order to overcome your challenges?
  • Which will you try first?

Listen to Emily read this post. (I recorded using It will open in a new tab.)


Photo Credit: Sunisa Ito on Flickr

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