Writing Prompt Wednesday


Level 1:  What is this? When is it? Write everything you see.

Level 2: Practice using different verb tenses. Write two sentences about what was happening 15 minutes ago. Write two sentences about what is happening right now. Write two sentences about what is going to happen next.

Level 3: Write about a time you watched or played in a soccer game (or another sport). When was it? Was it formal or informal? Fun or awful? Include at least three interesting details. If you have never ever played a sport, write about why and what you did instead.

Creative Writing: Write from the point of view of the coach of one of these teams. Describe a problem s/he has been working on with the team. Through action (not description), show whether the problem is conquered during the game.

Academic Writing: Write an argumentative essay that asserts that soccer is (or is not) the best sport in the world. You will have to define “best” clearly and use supporting examples. If you research facts, cite your sources! Be sure to include one argument your opponents would make and refute it well.

Photo Credit: Florian Cristoph on Flickr

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