Writing Prompt Wednesday


Level 1: What do you see? What colors? What time? This photo was taken in the USA – what month do you think it was?

Level 2: Use the past tense to describe the photographer’s day. Use clues from the photo to guess what the weather was like, what the photographer did, and how the photographer felt. Write at least 5 sentences.

Level 3: Same as level 2, but use modals to express uncertainty. Write enough details to form a well-organized paragraph.

Creative Writing: Write about this snow storm from the point of view of an outdoor cat. What does the cat notice? Do? Feel confused about?

Academic Writing: How do you feel about snow? Write a five-paragraph essay explaining why you would prefer your future home to have more or less snow than your current home. Be sure to tell how much snow you get these days. Give three different reasons you want more or less snow in your future home. Be careful of your verb tenses in this one!

Photo Credit: thelittleone417 on Flickr

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