Writing Prompt Wednesday


Level 1: Write down the nouns you see: objects, clothes, etc. Now write down three adjectives to describe what you see.

Level 2: In real life, get three small balls and try to juggle them. How did you do?
Write at least 10 sentences about this experience: Was it hard to find balls to juggle? Did you juggle well? Why or why not? How did you feel? What’s next? What do you think of the man in the picture?

Level 3: Same as Level 2, but write enough details to form at least two paragraphs.

Creative Writing: Write a short story that explains why this man is outside juggling.

Academic Writing: Write a five-paragraph essay explaining three reasons why you are (or are not) interested in juggling. You can do this with no research. One interesting source you could consider using (high reading level, includes math) is The Mathematics of Juggling by Burkard Polster.

Photo CreditAlexandre Dulaunoy on Flickr

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