Writing Prompt Wednesday


Talk About It: When does spring usually come in your country? What do you like about spring? What do you usually do each spring?

Level 1: Write what you see. Write simple sentences. Use prepositions (on, in, etc.).
Example: The glasses are on the ground.

Level 2: Write five sentences about last spring (2016). Write five sentences about this spring (2016). Write five sentences about next spring (2017). Be careful of your verb tenses!

Level 3: Imagine that you took this picture. Write a story at least 10 sentences long. The story should be about the five minutes before this picture was taken.

Creative Writing: Write a poem inspired by this picture. Focus on one element to carry your theme (i.e. cat, glasses, green, etc.)

Academic Writing: Write a five-paragraph essay that argues why spring is (or isn’t) the best season. Be sure to include a paragraph that refutes your imagined opponents.


Photo Credit: Marina del Castell on Flickr

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