Writing Prompt Wednesday


Talk About It: How do you feel about rain? Does rain ever change your plans? How?

Level 1: Write what you see: nouns (things), verbs (actions), and adjectives (descriptive words).

Level 2: Write six sentences about what this person is feeling and doing right now. Use Simple Present and Present Continuous to describe the person’s actions and states. Write two more sentences about what the person is going to do when s/he gets home.

Level 3: Imagine that this is a picture of your friend. Use modals to write at least five pieces of advice for your friend.

Creative Writing: Write at least one page of a dramatic action story. Imagine that you are the photographer. Who are you? Why are you out in the rain? Who are you photographing and why? Aim for a lot of excitement in this story!

Academic Writing: Write an essay to compare and contrast the picture in this post against last week’s writing prompt picture. Organize your thoughts using either the point-by-point or block method.


Photo Credit陳 冠宇 on Flickr

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