Writing Prompt Wednesday


Talk about it: What kinds of foods do you like to eat? Why? Are there any foods you avoid? Why?

Level 1: What do you see in this picture? Write a list of the foods and objects, and what color they are. For example, “green lettuce.”

Level 2: Write about your favorite meal. Write at least five sentences. What is it called? What is in it? Who cooks it? When do/did you eat it? Why do you like it? How often do you eat it?

Level 3: In at least four sentences, write about two foods you recommend eating. Use modals where appropriate. Make sure to explain the reasons for your advice. Then, write at least four more sentences about two foods you recommend against eating. Again, remember to use modals and to explain why.

Creative Writing: Imagine that this picture is the cover of a novel. What would the novel be about? Write a blurb (the paragraph on the back of a book) about this imaginary book.

Academic Writing: Write an argumentative essay for or against vegetarianism. Make sure to include a paragraph that brings in an opposing viewpoint, and then refute that viewpoint. If you use any outside sources, be sure to site them!


Hand It In!

Hand in your answer to one of these prompts using the private form below.

I’ll email you back with two short comments: one thing you did well and one thing that needs improvement.



Photo Credit: Freestocks.org on Flickr

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