Writing Prompt Wednesday



Talk about it:

Level 1: Who is in the picture? Where are they? What are they doing? What else is in the picture?

Level 2: Write 5 sentences that describe what the children are doing. Write 2 sentences about what you think will happen next. Choose your verb tenses carefully!

Level 3: Imagine that the children in this picture are your children. Write a paragraph that explains what they are doing, if you approve, and what they should do next.

Creative Writing: Write one page of a story from the point of view of one of these children. Try to surprise the reader at least twice with the unique perspective of the child.

Academic Writing: Write a compare and contrast essay that compares this picture to one specific memory from your own childhood. You can use the block method or point-by-point. You can address three similarities, three differences, or two and one. Since this is about your personal experience, it is appropriate to use “I” in this case.


Hand It In!

Hand in your answer to one of these prompts using the private form below.

I’ll email you back with two short comments: one thing you did well and one thing that needs improvement.


Photo Credit: moonjazz on Flickr

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