Advice: Physical Problems

2993507037_b6cea87ba6Today’s advice is simple: if you have trouble seeing, hearing, moving, etc. – tell your teacher!

When I know a student of mine has trouble seeing, I can easily make fonts bigger on the computer screen, projector, and on hand-outs.

When I know that a student has trouble hearing, I can easily make sure to write down key points, speak a bit more loudly, and check for understanding.

When I know that one of my students has trouble moving, I can easily change classroom activities so that they don’t have to go anywhere. They can stay still and comfortable.

If I don’t know about these issues? I don’t change anything. And my students are uncomfortable and under-served.

Please let us know what you need!


Listen to Emily read this post. (A new window will open.)

Photo Credit: mike krzeszak on Flickr


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