Writing Prompt Wednesday


Talk About It: What is this place? Is it somewhere you’d like to spend time? Do you have any experience growing things?

Level 1: Write a list of all of the things you see. What season is this?

Level 2: Use the future tense and comparatives to write 5 sentences about how this garden will look in six weeks. Write 2 more sentences about how it will look in the autumn and/or winter.

Level 3: Write a paragraph describing how this garden looks in the picture. Then write a paragraph about how it will change in the next year. Give each paragraph a topic sentence. Make sure to write in chronological order, use time words, and use appropriate verb tenses to show the change over time.

Creative Writing: Write a short poem about this garden. It does not have to rhyme.
If you are stuck, try writing a haiku:
Line 1 – five syllables
Line 2 – seven syllables
Line 3 – five syllables

Academic Writing:
1. Life Sciences – write a narrative essay explaining the process of photosynthesis. If you use a source, even your biology textbook, make sure to cite it!
2. General – write an argumentative essay to convince the reader that gardening is (or is not) well worth the time and effort. Be sure to include a paragraph that brings in an opposing viewpoint and then refutes it.


Hand It In!

Hand in your answer to one of these prompts using the private form below.

I’ll email you back with two short comments: one thing you did well and one thing that needs improvement.


Photo Credit: Caroline on Flickr

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