Ten Words About… Difficult Feelings

Vocabulary is a huge topic!

There are many word lists that can help. The Top 1000 Words in English is very useful, and so is the academic word list by Dr. Coxhead.

I thought I would make some short, themed, useful word lists for my students and blog readers.

Today’s list:

Feelings – Facing Difficulties

  1. frustrated
  2. stuck
  3. hopeless
  4. listless
  5. depressed
  6. overwhelmed
  7. devastated
  8. trapped
  9. discouraged
  10. terrified

Do you know all these words?

If you want to see definitions, related pictures, and get some practice, I made flashcards at Quizlet.com that you can use for free. Try it – it’s a great program.


Bonus: phrases about difficulty

  1. I’m having a hard time
    things aren’t going well; I’m discouraged
  2. I’m just spinning my wheels
    I’m stuck
  3. I’m in over my head
    I’m overwhelmed


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