Writing Prompt Wednesday


Level 1: Write down 10 adjectives that describe this building. Use a dictionary if you need to!

Level 2: Write down 5-7 questions about this building.

Level 3: Consider this second picture: the view of Seville from this building, the Metropol Parasol. Do you think that this building is an eye sore in an ancient city, or a positive step forward? Write a paragraph explaining your answer.25836246752_a51599bdd7_c

Creative Writing: Write a dialog between two strangers in Seville who start talking at the Metropol Parasol.

Academic Writing: Read a about the Metropol Parasol. Two suggested sources: The Guardian, the artchitect’s website. Write an argumentative essay explaining why the Metropol Parasol should be either celebrated or mourned. Cite your sources!


Photo Credit 1: Kristoffer Trolle on Flickr

Photo Credit 2: Abel Maestro Garcia on Flickr



Writing Prompt Wednesday


Level 1: Use prepositions (above, across, on, in…) to write about this picture.

Level 2: Write 5 – 10 questions about this picture.

Level 3: Write a paragraph describing this picture. Make sure you have a topic sentence and that your description is clearly organized.

Creative Writing: Write one page about this picture from a surprising point of view.

Academic Writing: Write a five-paragraph argumentative essay about whether public infrastructure should (or should not) be named after military personnel. Make sure that one of your paragraphs addresses and refutes a potential counter-argument.

Photo Credit: Maarten Takens on Flickr

Writing Prompt Wednesday


Level 1: What people do you see? What nature do you see? How is the weather?

Level 2: What are they doing? What did they just do? What will they do next?

Level 3: Write a paragraph describing this picture using as many modals as you can. What could they have just finished doing? What might they be doing next?

Creative Writing: Pretend you are the photographer who took this picture. Write a blog post about the experience. Is this your personal blog or your professional blog? What will you write about – setting? subjects? photography details? the experience?

Academic Writing:

  • (science) write an essay describing the effects of mountain ranges on the weather
  • (general) write an essay discussing the pros and cons of living in a cold climate


Photo Credit: Hernan Pinera on Flickr

Resource: Everyday Conversations

I came across a great resource!

It’s called Everyday Conversations. Here is a screenshot:


The intended audience seems to be older children – maybe 11 years old. They are posting short audio (with written transcripts) of a family visiting all 50 states in the USA. I think some of the stories are reasonably interesting for adults, too.

For example, here is a link to their story about visiting the Great Lakes in  Michigan.

This is part of a bigger website at share.america.gov – a program by the US State Department. It has a lot of interesting articles, including videos, about culture, geography, politics, environment, etc.

Here is a screenshot: